Movie and Script Breakdown Comparison.

 "Watch as many movies as you can" is common advice to novel filmmakers but this logic is flawed. When applied to other situations like becoming a car mechanic, for instance, telling a novice to "drive as many cars as you can" to learn about them is obviously foolish. So why do we do this to aspiring filmmakers?

In the spirit of exercising that argument, I've broken down (or reverse engineered) two stories from two sources: "Whiplash" (2015) was broken down from movie format, and the "X-Files" Season 3 Episode 4 (1995) was from script format. Depending on one's goals, analyzing a movie directly would probably be more suitable for directors, and analyzing a screenplay directly would better favour writers. 

Below are the two examples of what I did. I recommend this method over simply watching movies to strengthen knowledge of the craft.